"The major collapse"

The world was led back to primal level by a great war,
which is now called "The major collapse".
Ever since, the world has been under depredation.
After 30 years, humanity has agreed upon the peaceful use of "Half active Tryda"
and finally seemed like they were able to live under stable condition but...

A young girl named "Alenka Lucca" has a part time job to work her way through school.
She exterminates mining drones that went out of control,
aka "sweeper" at the enery mining facility "Oasis".

"Hopefully I'll be able to start working on my homework if I get back by tomorrow night."

She worried about her homework as she fired up her cherished
compact antigravity glider "Air Lob" as usual, wore an extra jacket over her hoodie,
and took off to the uninhabited "Oasis"!


○ button To use boost cartridge
╳ button
△ button
Swich to explosive weapons
□ button
Swich to laser weapons
right stick
Move sight left and right, move aim, to rise and to descent
left stick
To move machine
R1 button Boost
R2 button Weapon
L2 button Machine gun
R3 button Reset camera angle, tap twice to face backward
L3 button L3+right stick to move your sight up and down
OPTIONS button Resume/Menu



[1] Time Shows elapsed time
[2] Radar Shows yourself in the middle and where the enemys and items on screen
[3] Enemy Shows number of remaining enemies
[4] Level Shows level of the stage. The level will rise depending on the number of kills and elapsed time
[5] Score Shows your score
[6] Life Shows remaining life gauge. When you take damage, the gauge will decrease and when it reaches 0%, your machine will start moving slow. After you reach 0% and took damage,
the game will be over. You can recover your life by taking recovery items.
[7] Boost gauge Shows the remaining boost gauge.
Decreases by using boost, and slowly recovers when not in use.
[8] Weapon slot Shows which weapon you are using and the remaining numbers of ammo
[9] Speed meter Shows how fast you are going
[10] Boost cartridge Shows remaining boost cartridge. you have 3 stocks from the beginning, and you can fully recover your boost gauge by using one boost cartridge. Used cartridge will recover slowly over time.




boost You can boost your movement by pressing R1. You will gain more speed while pressing R1, but the boost gaudge will decrease while in use. The gaudge will recover while not in use.

Super boost

super boost Tap R1 twice and hold to use "super boost". You will gain more speed than the regular boost, but will use the boost guadge faster.


Press L2 to use machine gun, R2 to use the weapon that you chose

Machine gun

machine gun You can fire your machine gun while pressing L2 where you are aiming at. You have infinite ammo with no cooldown, and will be able to use it whenever you want.


grenade You can throw a grenade to the direction you are aiming using your grenade stock. The grenade will instantly explode whenever it lands on an object. The stock will recover over time.


missile You can launch a homing missile to an enemy that you have locked on. Reload will automatically start whenever the remaining ammo reaches 0.


lazer You can fire a lazer that flies straight to where you are aiming. Laser will penetrate enemy's barrier. The remaining ammo will recover over time, just like the grenade does.


beam You can fire a beam down direction from your vehicle. Impact area will explode and will cause damage to the enemies in the area. Reload will start just like the missile does.



item You can recover your life by collecting items on the map. There are 3 types of items that has different recovery amount, green=very little recovery, blue=small recovery, red=big recovery

Item box

item box You can randomly find item boxs on the fieldmap. Attack or touch the box in order to open it, items will scatter around the box.


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